A small company with a big mission

Unna was started and is operated by the two of us, Vendela and Linnea. Friends, mothers and entrepreneurs. We offer infant formula and follow-on formulas that – in addition to meeting high standards of composition and nutritional content – are also locally produced.

But we also want to contribute to greater awareness and understanding of the different experiences of parents on issues around breastfeeding and bottle feeding. All to ensure the safety and security of the new parent and child.

Unna Unna Baby

"Our name Unna comes from the Old Norse, meaning 'to love'."

All for safety and security

We are driven by a desire to create value in our chosen branch, the production of infant formula – on the one hand by delivering a high quality product, but also by innovating in a category that has been lacking in new ideas. We want to be a relatable brand, one that recognizes and highlights the real issues and challenges one can face in the early days of having a baby, especially when it comes to breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

We are parents ourselves and understand the challenges that come with parenthood. We know that everyone’s situation is different and we are keen to challenge received wisdom and contribute to a climate free of prejudice and bias. We believe that humility and support creates a sense of security for new parents.

How hard can it be?

On the scale of parental experiences, breastfeeding can range from impossible to wonderful. It can also change over time. Each parent’s relation to breastfeeding is different but, fundamentally, breastfeeding is natural and good. Breast milk is an incredible solution for your baby’s nutritional needs in the first few months.

In fact, the vast majority of new mothers would like to breastfeed their baby. It’s a Plan A that works for many. Thankfully, the world doesn’t come to an end if Plan A doesn’t work, for physical or practical reasons.

Unna Unna Baby

We want to support you in your choices about your baby.

Choosing Unna is not an admission of failure. Rather, it's a positive choice for a successful solution.

As a new mother, you can be so full of emotions that they overflow and can engulf everything around you. You wish to give your child everything. When you want to breastfeed but cannot make it work, it can feel like failure. As if you’re an inferior parent. Trust us, the ability to be a good parent is not at all dependent on whether you breastfeed or not.

Children who receive infant formula have the same opportunities to thrive as those who are breastfed. With Unna, we want to take the stress and drama out of breastfeeding. We want to help ensure that infant formula is seen as part of a good plan – as a complement to breastfeeding or as a sole source of nutrition. In some circumstances, formula may sometimes even be the best option for all concerned.

The right to give birth safely

All around the world, every three seconds, a new baby is born – in all kinds of situations and circumstances. With the Safe Start initiative, we aim to establish a shared cause we can all support: the right to a safe birth.

Read more about our initiative or contribute to our fundraising efforts for Doctors Without Borders. Together we can make a difference!

Have you seen us on Sweden's Dragon's Den?

Yes, we at Unna are proud and happy about our participation in SVT’s program, Dragon’s Den. We never imagined that our first investor pitch would be on TV, but it was! Don’t miss out!


WHO rekommenderar uteslutande amning under de första 6 mÄnaderna. UNNA stödjer detta till fullo liksom fortsatt amning tillsammans med introduktion av en varierad kost enligt rÄd frÄn barnhÀlsovÄrden.

The WHO Code

The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. UNNA fully supports this as well as continued breastfeeding along with the introduction of a varied diet as advised by child health services.