Organic infant formula & follow-on formula from Bjuv in SkÄne, Sweden.

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Infant formula and follow-on formula

Unna was founded and is run by us, Vendela and Linnea. Friends, mothers and entrepreneurs. We offer infant formula and follow-on formula that – in addition to meeting high standards of composition and nutritional content – are also organic and locally produced.

0 - 6 mos.

Organic Infant Formula

6 - 12 mos.

Organic Follow-on Formula 6-12

12 mos.+

Organic Follow-on Formula 12+

Unna was created for parents, by parents


In addition to Swedish production, we stand for Swedish values and work to inspire more equal parenting.


We are proud to have developed the first organic infant formula from Sweden.


Breastfeeding a lot. Breastfeeding a little. Breastfeeding some of the time. Not breastfeeding at all. Whichever you choose, Unna is there to help give you a secure start as a parent.

Unna Baby Unna Baby

Produced in Bjuv, SkÄne

At Unna, we are committed to transparency and aim to show and explain as much as possible about how our products are made. Our factory, located in Bjuv, SkÄne, has over 50 years of experience in the production of infant formula.

When the next best thing is the best option for you.

If there is one thing we’ve learned since becoming parents, it’s that people have lots of thoughts and opinions about breastfeeding. Not just about their own, but also other people’s breastfeeding practices. How long to breastfeed, how often and where it’s appropriate or, even, inappropriate. The subject of breastfeeding is a minefield. It becomes even more charged when breastfeeding doesn’t work or when a mother chooses not to breastfeed.

How hard can it be?

On the scale of parental experiences, breastfeeding can range from impossible to wonderful. It can also change over time. Each parent’s relation to breastfeeding is different but, fundamentally, breastfeeding is natural and good. Breast milk is an incredible solution for your baby’s nutritional needs in the first few months.

In fact, the vast majority of mothers would like to breastfeed their baby. It’s a Plan A that works for many. Thankfully, the world doesn’t come to an end if Plan A doesn’t work, for physical or practical reasons.

Choosing Unna is not an admission of failure. Rather, it's a positive choice for a successful solution.

With Unna, we want to take the stress and drama out of breastfeeding. We want to help ensure that infant formula is seen as part of a good plan – as a complement to breastfeeding or as a sole source of nutrition. In some circumstances, formula may sometimes even be the best option for all concerned.

New parents?

We like to share as much encouragement, tips and useful information as possible. We know that hearing other people’s stories and experience of having a baby can be very helpful, so we try to collect these in our forum. If you want to share something, discuss something baby-related, or are looking for answers to all your questions – write to us!

Our name Unna comes from the Old Norse, meaning 'to love'.


WHO rekommenderar uteslutande amning under de första 6 mÄnaderna. UNNA stödjer detta till fullo liksom fortsatt amning tillsammans med introduktion av en varierad kost enligt rÄd frÄn barnhÀlsovÄrden.

The WHO Code

The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. UNNA fully supports this as well as continued breastfeeding along with the introduction of a varied diet as advised by child health services.