Article on Unna at The Way We Play

Read about the foundation of our idea, our company building, the stigma we want to break and our desire to create better conditions for a safe start for babies and parents.

We at Unna met the team at The Way We Play and talked about the foundation of our business idea, where we are now with our company building and about dreams and goals for the future. Also about challenges and successes, and of course about the stigma we want to help break down.

“Everyone who wants to breastfeed should be supported. However, we also think it is a shame and wrong if breastfeeding is driven by fear of the alternative, or if ‘giving up’ breastfeeding is associated with guilt or shame. Then something has been distorted. In this case, the mother’s well-being must be given more attention.

Read the full interview here. Thanks to The Way We Play and Mira Wickman for the great photos.

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WHO rekommenderar uteslutande amning under de första 6 mÄnaderna. UNNA stödjer detta till fullo liksom fortsatt amning tillsammans med introduktion av en varierad kost enligt rÄd frÄn barnhÀlsovÄrden.

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The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. UNNA fully supports this as well as continued breastfeeding along with the introduction of a varied diet as advised by child health services.